3 марта 2016

Category «C» Course in Grandvalira, Andorra

I have skied for a good few years mostly in French Alps and Italy, but also in Austria and Japan. For some reasons I have overlooked Andorra before and recently it became my personal discovery. I have used ski instructors’ services in all of those countries except for Japan, and I did consider myself a reasonably good skier. It was the first time in Andorra where I have met the instructors from NRLI and heard about NRLI-held courses. Also I did not know before that NRLI is a member of ISIA and provides internationally recognised ski instructor certification. So I have joined up and… it happened to be the life changing experience which made me reconsider quite a few things. I had an opportunity to compare the style and methods of different ski schools, but never before I saw such a dedication, professionalism and quality as in NRLI instructors. For this reason I am extremely proud that I attended and successfully passed this course. It would not be possible without efforts of such people as Irina Sergeeva and Alexey Borisov. The especial kudos go to NRLI instructor Olga Bakša. Her professional abilities, experience and attitude are absolutely amazing and worthy of highest possible regard.

I should also note that NRLI made a very good choice selecting Andorra as a base for such courses: it is far more affordable in comparison to France or Austria both financially and in terms of access. Thanks to efforts of NRLI coordinator Alexey Borisov the Ski and Snowboard School in Cortals («Escola d’Esquí i Snowboard Cortals») provided full cooperation during the courses: we were able to use school facilities, skipasses and even discounts in the mountain restaurant, which was the great help during 9 days of intensive training.

I am very happy that I have participated in this course and had the chance to meet all these people. I would not hesitate a second to recommend this course to anybody who wish to improve their skiing or those who consider to become a ski instructor.

Many thanks to all involved!

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