Вероника / Veronika

26 декабря 2018
Вероника / Veronika

I have undertaken the course for Category C, and overall it was a very pleasurable experience and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to enhance their abilities in either snowsport fields. For such an affordable price, this course offers a great opportunity for each individual to grow and develop their skills. The regime is quite challenging but definitely worthwhile! I would like to thank everyone in my group for an amazing journey, especially our coach, Андрей Фёдорович, (Andrey Federovich) who helped us improve our technique and explained every detail of skiing precisely. Coming from Australia all the way to Russia for this experience was definitely worthwhile and I would, without a doubt, recommend this to anyone who is deciding to become either a ski or snowboard instructor or simply gather experience for later years.

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